Our Final Afghan Chapter?

I’m still shocked over ISAF’s announcement that its forces will indefinitely suspend training and partnering with all Afghan National Security Forces below the battalion level. As a former embedded combat adviser to the ANSF, I simply could not properly train the ANSF under the new rules of┬ámentoring — I can only imagine how current advisers are taking the news.

Many thanks to the Huffington Post for running my OP-ED on the matter and to Wired for quoting me in their excellent coverage of the US exit strategy for the Afghan War.


About Matt Zeller

Matt Zeller, a native of Rochester, New York, is a consultant on alternative energy and defense issues, working in northern Virginia. His latest book, Watches Without Time (Just World Books, 2012), gives a vivid description of what he experienced while serving as an embedded combat adviser with the Afghan security forces in Ghazni, Afghanistan, in 2008. Matt is a Captain in the US Army Reserve and a former officer of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was the Democrat candidate for Congress in 2010 in NY's 29th Congressional District.
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